The INVENT HYPERCLASSIC®- Mixing and Aeration System was developed and optimized especially for demanding applications in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. It provides efficient oxygen transfer and optimal mixing during the biological stage.
In addition to the task of introducing oxygen, it also fulfils the important function of mixing and avoiding sedimentation. Due to the mechanical aeration method, the oxygen transfer performance is nearly as high in wastewater as it is in pure water. Even after many years, the aeration performance is not diminished. The system's pressure loss remains constantly low. The system can be installed simply and quickly, even in a filled tank.


1. Low energy required due to a perfect hydraulic design.
2. No settlement at the tank bottom, as the highest flow speed is at the most sensitive zones.
3. Self-adjusting run of the stirrer. The vertical force (downwards) does not allow unbalanced movements.
4. Homogeneous mixing profile. All sections of the tank are perfectly mixed up.  No “dead zones” occur.
5. No wear and tear parts are below the water level. Perfect access to the gear- drive.
6. No corrosion of the used material due to high-tech glass-fibre reinforced structures for the Hyperclassic-body as well as for the drive shaft.
7. Perfect finishing of the construction details. The result of permanent impro- vement guarantees an extremely long life-span and high quality.
8. The gear-drive: a high quality pro- duct with a calculated lifetime of more than 100,000 operating hours (bea- rings). German brand but local service. Oil change not more than in two (2) years frequency.
9. No clogging, no sticking of any mate- rial at the Hyperclassic-stirrer (in com- parison to propeller-mixers).


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