Around the 1980s, because Taiwan’s environmental protection industry was still in the exploratory stage at that time, the general factories generally believed that pollution prevention equipment was an additional capital investment, and they had a hasty mentality to deal with it. As a result, most customers adopted environmental protection equipment. Most of them are shoddy products, which not only have a short life, but also consume energy and manpower.

SINCE 1993

When the company was established in the 1993 year of the Republic of China, it was based on a thinking different from that at that time. Factory process equipment often needs to be replaced and updated from time to time due to technological updates or new product development; however, we believe that pollution prevention equipment can (and must) be used permanently.


According to this idea, what customers need most is high-quality, energy-saving and automated pollution prevention and control equipment. Therefore, the company has imported the highest-quality products from Europe, America, Japan and other countries to sell in Taiwan from the very beginning, which also made this road very difficult.



However, in recent years, as customers have been in contact with our products for a period of time and have a considerable degree of understanding, their long-term economic benefits have gradually been recognized; some of our products have achieved the highest market share, which can even reflect Taiwan's The industry attaches great importance to pollution prevention and control.

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