To use the unique floating fiber filter media to remove the SS of the water. Fiber media has the void to volume ratio of 92% to achieve the higher flow speed to be possible. The media wash mechanism is by agitating to achieve quickly and completely media wash.

1.Filtration process






3.Washing Filter Media



4.Returning Slurry



1. High speed, tremendous capacity:

    Flow speed can go up to 90m/hr


2. Light weight of media, easy handle:

    Very easy to replace or to add new filter media.


3. Filter media can be washed completely:

    Floating filter media are washed by forced water current in the tank and even a cohesive suspension can be washed away            from    filter media.


4. Less of backwash water:

    The backwash time is only 8 min., backwash water consumption is only about 0.4~2%of treated water.


5. Stable and high quality treated water:

    Up-flow design, SS is easy be captured. High SS capture loading. Treated water particle size can reach the level of 2-10μ.


6. Minimum Space Requirement:

    Simple flow diagram not requiring backwashing auxiliaries save space requirement and enables easy installation.

1. The advanced treatment of industrial water.
2. The advanced treatment of sewage.
3. The general waste water treatment.
4. The filtration processing of seawater(Aquaculture, the chemical industry)
5. The purification of pool water.
6. The purification of the aquarium and the zoo.
7. The purification of the pond and fountain.