The AMCON VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press is structured with a filter element that consists of fixed rings, moving rings and a screw.
The gaps between the Rings and the screw pitch are designed to gradually get narrower towards the direction of sludge cake outlet and the inner pressure of the filter element increase due to the volume compression effect, which thickens and dewaters the sludge.

※ VOLUTE™ is a trademark of AMCON products. 

1. Low Concentrated Sludge Direct Dewatering – Construction Cost Saving

The VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press can handle low concentrated sludge at 0.2% directly.
Saving large cost for setting Thickening Tank、Storage Tank、Piping and so on.


2. Superior Energy Efficient Product – Energy Saving and Water Saving


Operating power is 1/11 of the centrifuge, and 1/3 of  Belt Press.


3. Less Consumable and Spare Parts – Maintenance Cost Saving

  • Belt Press - Replacing filter cloth frequency.High cost of filter cloth.Waste time and energy.
  • Centrifuge - Expensive parts.To replace the parts is difficulty.Profession engineer is required.
  • VOLUTE™ is a trademake of AMCON products.  - Only the moving rings need replace every 2-5 years .Simple and easy to maintenance.



4. Easy Operation and Free Maintenance – Labor Saving

  • Belt Press - Lot of maintenance work.Bad environment.
  • Centrifuge - High noisy.Profession knowledge is required.
  • VOLUTE™ is a trademake of AMCON products. - Low rotation speed and small footprint.Easy operation.


※ VOLUTE™ is a trademake of AMCON products. is a trademake of AMCON products. 

Typical applications include:

1. Municipal water and wastewater treatment plants  5. Chemical manufacturing plants
2. Industrial waste treatment plants  6. Machinery manufacturing plants
3. Food/Beverage product plants  7. Metal processing plants
4. Dairy farming, Meat Processing plants  8. Laundry wastewater


VOLUTE™ is a trademake of AMCON products.