Annoucement for AMCON seminar on 1st February,2021


AMCON is planning to have a remote-seminar (Webinar) on  1st February,2021.


It is for the customers who do not know VOLUTE yet, or who are looking for the

good tecnology for sludge dewatering.


Here below is the URL for application of this seminar.

Application for Webinar of AMCON on 1th Feb, 2021 (

AMCON will send the invitation after completing this application.


Regarding detail information of Webinar, please confirm below.

 1. Day: 1st February,2021

 2. Time: 16:00~16:40Japan time

3. Attending capacity: Maximum 100 people (first-come basis)

4.  Content:               

    ①     What is AMCON? What is VOLUTE??

    ②     HOW has AMCON developed the business field?

    ③     WHY customers are being so fascinated by AMCON?

    ④     Specific case studies for installing VOLUTE

           This time, case study is about sludge from DAF.

               Therefore, if you have any projects to offer sludge dewatering press

               to DAF system, it will be a helpful topic for your understanding.


If you still have any question, please contact with our Taiwanese agent –

GVE Environmental Co., Ltd. 



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